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  Fish Meal
  Fish Oil
  L-lysine HCL 98.5%
  Artemia Cysts
  Corn Gluten Meal
  Soybean Meal
  Fish Feed
  Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
  Rice protein meal

About us

1. Our factory located in the ShanDong byland east coast,near to ocean,a large number fish farms, abundant natural resources.The factory is a short way from the harbour and it is only 100 metres so that the superiority and perfect field is favourable to the get resources.

2. At present our factory own professional procession of more than 30 ships that they are working at the BoHai HuangHai and east pacific ocean all the whole year. Because of they make great effort so supply the large high quality raw material and guarantee the is carried out produce favorable.

3. Our factory own many processing line of fish meal the most advance and more and more advanced techniques have been introduced in production.Its each quality index meets or exceeds that of special class fishmeal specified in state standard.This fishmeal has stable and reliable quality,very fresh,strong fragrance,easy to decompose and t digest,and with high protein contents. The factory good fame drew in a large customer from inland and abroad that they came to our factory visit and make arrangement with us.Our products have saled southeast asia,south asia,Africa and European so on more than 30 countries and district.