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  Rice protein meal


Fresh raw material

The choose and buy of raw material must be examined critically and select for use top quality and high-protein sea fish as the required of feed quality. The catch fish fleet own modernication cool systems and they will deal with the fish in next to no time when work ocean.Make sure keep the fresh of fish when the vessels landing.

Production process

With modern processing technology, it is refined by high quality sea fish through braising,cooking,gringding,drying and crushing.

1. Cooking  The raw material of testing standard are put into the boiled equipment through puddling facilities.The raw material will boiled up inside juice through steam (about 80℃) indirectly.This process will take forty minutes at least.

 2. Squeeze This link is very important for production De-fat fishmeal.Its will the material after cooking deliver the mill by conveyer that get the presscake and enter into the next link.The presswater will enter into the other equipment that recover the solid matter and fish oil.
3. Drying the presscake enter into the drying equipment through press equipment( Because of the low-temperature supply indirect so that keep the fishmeal digestion very effective) carry out the production first.Then through second,third drying for making sure the fishmeal moisture content below 10.

4. Crushing  The after drying products through roll sieve so that remove impurity solid and then crush treatment.This moment the process fulfilment preliminary.

After process and finish fishmeal must be through cool treatment ( in the bacteria-free environmental,natural ventilation and cool) and add antioxidant ( its can keep stable of quality products long –term), After finish the all index test and eligible that then its will be able to pack and transport.